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Things I Get Asked A Lot

What's the first step in the process?


First step is kick off with a 30-minute discovery session where we explore the purpose and goals of your website. After gaining a solid understanding of your business and ensuring a good fit, I'll provide a comprehensive proposal outlining the project scope and exact cost.

what is your hourly rate?


For all my design and development services, I charge a competitive rate of 30 USD per hour.

how much will cost a custom website?


My full-scale projects, encompassing both design and development, typically range from 8 to 20 working days. This translates to approximately 64 to 160 work hours. Given my hourly rate of 30 USD, the total cost for a project usually lies between 1,920 USD to 4,800 USD. The precise cost of your website will hinge on various factors, such as:

• The level of design sophistication desired
• The complexity and volume of content to be displayed
• The number of pages and sections required
• The necessity for animations
• Desired functionalities, including the need for 3rd party integrations, in contrast to functionalities natively supported by Webflow.

what advantages has Webflow?


Overall, Webflow empowers clients by offering a user-friendly experience, control over content and design, and efficient tools for collaboration, making it an attractive choice for those seeking a dynamic and manageable web presence.

Clients can make basic updates and changes to their website without having to rely on developers for every small modification. This reduces the time and cost associated with routine content adjustments.

Webflow offers SEO-friendly features, allowing to optimize websites for search engines. This includes the ability to customize meta tags, URLs, and other SEO elements to improve visibility in search results.

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What languages do you speak?


I am fluent in both English and Russian. Additionally, Armenian is my native language.

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